Congratulations, Louisville, you've now set a new longevity record for summer misery.

The thermometer hit 90 degrees late this morning making it the 22nd consecutive day of at least 90-degree heat.

The previous streak of 21 straight days last occurred two generations ago, in 1936; identical 21-day streaks also happened in 1900 and 1901.

It's one of the oldest records in the weather business, which started tracking such things in 1871.

Today the forecast high is 96 degrees. It is expected to stay in the mid-90s all week, according to forecasters at the National Weather Service in Louisville.

The record was really clinched on Saturday, when the forecast high was 89, but the red line on the thermometer managed to creep up to 90, just barely keeping us in the game.

Saturday was actually refreshing, compared to Tuesday and Wednesday, when temperatures were 103 and 105 degrees, respectively.