Reports of UFO sightings have come flooding in to the South London Press following trails of bright lights being spotted in the night skies.

A number of witnesses have come forward after we reported on the mysterious lights being spotted flying in formation above East Dulwich on August 4.

Mike Hall, 62, of Therapia Road, East Dulwich, was in his back garden when the UFOs passed directly overhead.

He said: "I counted at least 20 and the light was intense, but as they passed over me they were completely silent. "The night was still and there was no breeze, there was absolute silence. "I have never seen anything like it in my life."

Anton Raes, of Sydenham, caught the string of lights on his camera phone. But he said despite their brightness they hardly showed up in pictures. He said: "I never have believed in UFOs or aliens or anything like that before.

"I would normally laugh at things like that. "I could clearly see it was not a plane or a star. "You could see planes flying past and instantly notice the difference."

Despite several reports of the unexplained lights, the Ministry of Defence has remained silent on the matter, saying that it will only investigate such an incident if there is a perceived threat.