Drug-induced illnesses are far more common than people, including doctors, would like to think. Elderly Americans suffer 9.6 million adverse drug reactions each year alone, although these symptoms show up in younger patients as well.

Many do not realize these reactions -- or "new" disease symptoms -- are in fact caused by a drug they're already taking, as most doctors do not explain possible side-effects to their patients.

For example, these common illnesses can be caused by pharmaceutical drugs:

* Depression -- Accutane, Advil, Cipro, Inderal, Pepcid, Tagamet, Zantac
* Psychoses/Hallucinations -- Benadryl, Celebrex, Dexatrim, Vioxx
* Dementia -- Aldomet, Inderal, Tagamet, Xanax
* Parkinsonism -- Cardizem, Haldol, Elavil, Risperdal, Thorazine


Dr Mercola's comments:

If you haven't read Gary Null's report Death By Medicine then I would strongly recommend it as it will give you a far deeper appreciation of the scope of this problem and how the entire fatally flawed conventional health system is responsible for 800,000 deaths every year in the US alone.

WorstPills.org is a website everyone should familiarize themselves with, as the list of diseases caused by drugs is far too large.

Each year 41,000 seniors are hospitalized for ulcers -- and some 3,300 of them die -- because of their arthritis drugs. 32,000 suffer hip fractures attributable to drug-induced falls, with sleeping pills, antipsychotic drugs and antidepressants leading the pack as the culprits.

Dementia, a sad and growing problem, is caused by sleeping pills, high blood pressure drugs, hormone replacement and antipsychotic drugs. And so many of these drugs are completely unnecessary, and/or prescribed off-label for diseases you don't have.

Staying clear of pharmaceutical drugs can, literally, save your life.

The fact of the matter is, nearly everything that drugs are supposed to do can be achieved using safe, natural means which have no side effects other than good health. This includes reducing or eliminating troublesome symptoms, increasing longevity, reducing your weight and lowering your risk of contracting disease -- all the things pharmaceutical drugs don't really do.

If you really want to stay healthy, then:
* Practice techniques, such as EFT, to control anxiety and stress, eliminate self-doubt and negativity, and instill self-control and peace of mind.
* Control your eating habits.
* Make sure you always get a good night's sleep.
* Start exercising, especially if you need to lose weight.
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