Elusive mystical creatures emerged again in Kanas Lake of China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. According to the administration of the Kanas scenic spot, on July 5th at 8:20pm, huge ripples were seen on the surface of the lake by a few tourists carrying their portable video cameras.

The 8-minute video recording captured the entire event. From the video there can been seen a group of unidentified creatures, about 15 in number. They gather together and separate, looking like a fleet, and create a magnificent scene. The parts of creatures seen above the surface of the water are several times larger than the biggest sightseeing boat in the area.

Statistics showed that Kanas Lake runs 25 kilometers north to south, is about 2.5 kilometers wide, and is 188 meters deep in its deepest area. Legends from thousands of years ago spoke about "monsters" that often stealthily dragged cattle into the water.

The most recent siting in June 2006, recorded by three tourists from Beijing, triggered more discussion and speculation. Experts say the "monsters" are probably unidentified aquatic animals. The reported siting in July is the longest and the first fully recorded one.