A powerful cyclone that swept along Pakistan's Arab Sea coast Tuesday killed 14 people and injured dozens, local TV companies reported citing various sources.

A tropical storm called Yemyin-03B hit the province of Balochistan at about 11:00 a.m. local time (06:00 a.m. GMT) flooding roads, tearing roofs from houses, and leaving several districts without electricity.

The cyclone caught several fishing boats while at sea. Unofficial sources said two fishing boats had sunk. Coast guard vessels currently searching for people have already rescued 25 people, but over 30 fishermen are still missing.

Meteorologists said the Yemyin-03B cyclone could rage until Wednesday morning, mostly threatening the country's southern provinces of Sind and Balochistan.

A similar cyclone hit Karachi, the capital of Sind, late last week killing some 250 people. The country's largest city was flooded and almost paralyzed for two days.

In 1965 a tropical storm killed some 10,000 people in Karachi and adjacent districts.