More than 220 people have been killed after heavy wind and rain wreaked havoc in Pakistan.

Storms had battered Karachi, the country's biggest city, for three hours.

Officials had set the death toll at 43.

But Health Minister of Sindh Sardar Ahmed said welfare organisation Edhi Trust had received bodies of another 185 people killed in rain-related accidents.

"Now the total number of those killed because of rain is 228," he said.

"These deaths are caused by electrocution, falling trees, house collapses and road accidents."

Edhi Trust spokesman Anwar Kazmi said most deaths had taken place in the low-lying areas of the sprawling city.

Every year thousands of people are killed and hundreds of thousands made homeless across South Asia by months of monsoon rains.

Karachi has received 17.7 millimetres (0.7 inches) of rain since Saturday, submerging most low-lying neighbourhoods of the city.

Weather officials predicted more rains late on Sunday.

Heavy rains followed by a strong storm uprooted trees, signboards and cut electricity wires. Most parts of the city have been without power for more than 20 hours.

In neighbouring India, at least 35 people died in two days of heavy rains in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.

Aid workers in the region, backed by military helicopters, have been battling to provide food for 200,000 people displaced by monsoon floods.