Certain regions of Japan have begun taking precautionary measures in light of a growing water shortage across the Asian nation.

With Japan receiving a limited amount of rain during the first half of the year, authorities in certain regions have begun implementing new policies to stretch the nation's dwindling water supply, the Mainichi Shimbun reported Wednesday.

Officials in the Kagawa Prefecture have been forced to implement strict water restrictions, including closing area swimming pools and substituting bread for rice at regional schools.

The prefecture is located on Shikoku Island, a region of Japan that has been hit severely by the water shortage.

The island's Sameura Dam in the Kochi Prefecture currently only has nearly 32 percent of its water capacity filled in comparison the season average of 86.5 percent.

Officials in Japan's Meteorological Agency have predicted rainfall during the next week, the newspaper said, but are skeptical it will significantly impact the water shortages.