A wannabe rapper has been arrested after he stole Eminem's phone number from his ex-wife Kim Mathers and then used the number to ring Eminem so that the hip-hop star could listen to his demos.

Kyle Spratt lifted Mathers' phone from her handbag when she was playing at Paradise Bingo - the company that Spratt worked for. He later replaced it, after he had taken Eminem's phone number.

It's reported that the wannabe then phoned Eminem a few weeks later on a number of occasions desperately trying to get the rapper to listen to his music.

Spratt even recorded one of the conversations and posted it on his Myspace page. The song, entitled, 'Slim Sellout,' has since been removed, reports ABC.

The incident mirrors one of Eminem's most infamous songs, 'Stan,' which documents the tragic tale of one of the rappers fans.

Spratt has since been fired from his job, although, no charges have been filed over the incident. You can view Spratt's Myspace page here.