(Translated by SOTT)

The lenses of Diario Extra photographer Rándall Sandoval captured several pictures of the flying object which appeared as a small light which turned larger on Wednesday.

©Rándall Sandoval and Héctor Rodríguez
The first picture shows two spots of lights which became larger in seconds.
The bottom spot became larger while the other one slowly vanished.
The light became even larger until a cigar shaped UFO appeared.
The UFO, above the antenna, moved up and down. It was five o'clock in the morning of Tuesday, in Lomas del Río, Pavas.

It was five o'clock in the morning and Sandoval, who was making tests of light outside the building, saw several strange lights on the cloudy sky and took several pictures of the object. "I was waiting for Zumbado to show up and I saw strange lights that moved above the roof, I took several pictures and I saw that the object appeared to be approaching", he explained. With the strange image, he focused the UFO to photograph it at its best.

"It moved a lot and at different speeds, another one appeared close to it, but it didn't last long, it became smaller and smaller and then was gone", he added. The pictures are just as they were taken, without any digital manipulation, so that the Costarrican ufologist Edgar Picado, could analyze them. Picado is a computer engineer and since 1980 has researched more than 50 cases of pictures and videos of UFOs.