Get ready for a long, hot summer in the Valley.

"The long-term forecast from the National Weather Service, the outlook for the summertime here, are for above normal temperatures centered pretty much right over Arizona, so we can expect most of this summer to be in the 100-degree range and above," said Arizona State University climatologist Randy Cerveney.

Cerveney said we have a shot to tie or break the all-time record of 122 degrees.

Your air conditioning will get a big time workout this summer.

Cerveney said for the first time in history, the Valley could see its first 100 degree overnight low.

"We have this urban heat island effect that holds the heat in from the concrete and the asphalt that we have, and yes, there is that possibility," Cerveney said. "We've been in the 90s, we haven't got to that 100 yet and I really don't want to experience something like that, but we definitely have the ability to do that."

Cerveney also said we should get near-normal rainfall of 2 to 3 inches this summer.