Sometimes we consult our circle of friends to see if the weird stuff that's happening to us on our dates is also happening to them. (We can't decide if it's sad or comforting to find out things are weird everywhere.)

One common experience is getting stuck in a date we know is going to be a beating. We agreed that sometimes you just know. It might be something he says when he picks you up, or something she does when you meet her at the restaurant. Whatever it is, it turns us off right away.

We're not going so far as to call these mysterious somethings "deal-breakers," because we admit that we'll let a hell of a lot slide if our date is intriguing, loaded or hot.

That being said, with a little help from our friends, The HookUp came up with 15 things you might want to keep an eye out for the next time you're on a date. Because you know nothing good will come from it when ...

1. He asks how you feel about threesomes.

2. He comments on how much you remind him of his mom.

3. She tries out your last name with her first name. Then asks how you think it sounds.

4. He asks who that hot chick was that you were with when he met you.

5. He refers to himself in the third person ...

6. Or by his Dungeons & Dragons alter ego.

7. She "casually" inquires about your annual income.

8. You wonder if he'll believe that a moose bit your sister, and that you have to leave right now to help suck out the venom.

9. He or she eats from your plate.

10. She orders a salad and water.

11. The first thing he says after you're seated is "Separate checks, right?"

12. She takes a phone call during dinner, glances at you and says, "He's OK, I guess."

13. He orders a salad and water ...

14. Or a fruity drink.

15. At any point during the course of the evening, you find yourself tilting your head and asking, "Seriously?" (Exceptions: If he or she claims to know a hockey player, Tony Romo or Playboy Bunnies.)

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