LONDON -- A report from the tissue industry has revealed compared to other major nations, Britain far surpasses the average amount of toilet paper used annually.

Industry figures have revealed the average British citizen flushes 39 pounds of toilet paper each year, a figure nearly 2 1/2 times the average use of European residents, the Telegraph said.

Close behind Britain was the United States and its annual average of 34.5 pounds per person while the European Union's new Baltic countries held up the rear with an 8.5 pound average.

While Western Europe maintains an annual average usage of 27 pounds, industry experts are predicting that Europe will see a 40 percent increase in the lavatory product over the next decade.

The paper said such claims of increased success were due in part to revolutionary toilet paper concepts such as the Portuguese brand, Renova Black, whose dark colored product has been filling international bathrooms as of late.