More than likely, you missed the display of public opinion on Bush's illegal wiretapping at Georgetown University, Washington, a few weeks ago. The reason you missed it is the same reason we missed it: the mainstream media more or less ignored it. Don't bother trying to find the story with a google news search either, it simply isn't there. Such is the state of censorship in modern-day America.

Thankfully, there are sites like Signs of the Times to bring you the news that your government feels you should be denied.

Alberto Gonzales spoke before law students at Georgetown January 24th 2006. Gonzales' speech constituted an attempt to justify illegal, unauthorized surveillance of US citizens by the Bush government. During the course of his speech, about a dozen law students did something that the Bush administration would love to eradicate - they protested. They got up from their seats and turned their backs on the Attorney General.

Georgetown Gonzalez

Later, another group of students wearing black cowls took the opportunity to remind Gonzalez and his bosses about the true nature of "Freedom and Democracy".

Georgetown students Gonzales

As a result of our daily scrutinizing of the news, it is clear to us that censorship in the U.S. is rampant. This fact suggests to us that there are probably many millions of Americans who are extremely frustrated with their government and its policies and who have been exercising their right to make their feelings known. It is probably also true, however, that there are many millions more who resent the utter disregard that the Bush administration exhibits for Democratic principles but who are afraid to express their dissatisfaction.

If the public protests of the sort that took place at Georgetown university were given broad media attention, there exists a very real possibility that such acts would serve as galvanizing force, a rallying cry, to the, as yet silent, majority of American citizens.

Such protests, therefore, pose a very real threat to the Bush administration and its hold on power. The Bushites realise this, and they employ their mainstream media lackeys to effectively crush the will and voice of a majority of American citizens.

When Martin Luther King said that for evil to prevail, all it takes is for good men and women to do nothing, he was not talking theoretically, he was talking from experience. He knew it to be true. Remember that there very likely is a silent majority of Americans, and indeed of human beings around the world, who do have the potential to see the reality of the situation but who need you to set the example, to lead the way.