A couple from Mirkow reported a sighting of a probable UFO on 5th December 2006.

"Yesterday, on 5th December, just about 11 pm. I noticed a strange light over Dlugoleka [Wroclaw area]. I observe the sky on regular basis hoping that someday I manage to perceive some unknown object. The night was exceptionally bright because it was full Moon shining very brightly. It was located over Dlugoleka, i.e. about 3 km away from my house." - says Mrs. Ewa from Mirkow.

"At first I thought that it is a lamp located on a top of some tower [seen at nigh on tall buildings]. I was looking at that light trying to remind if there is any tower or high chimney there. There is indeed a tower in the vicinity with two red lights always visible. In went to the balcony to check it better but the light was still in the same place. Then I realized that there is no towers in the area and it must be something 'hovering' in the air."

"I went downstairs asking my husband to check that light and he asked about any tower in that place. He's a skeptic and treats my interest in UFO and paranormal phenomena as a harmless oddity. Anyway, he approached the window and peered by it claiming that it looks like a light on a certain building. I asked if he see any in the area. As I mentioned, the night was very bright and there were no construction under the light. I grasped my binoculars and when I began observing the object, I saw a huge ball of light. I passed the binoculars to my husband and went to take a photo. Unfortunately, we had only an analogue camera and I'm afraid that nothing would be visible on the photo."

The witness feels pity that she tried to take a snap of the object. When she returned her husband dressed up and went outside with binoculars. She went along with him. Both of them noticed that the mysterious light began moving in southern direction from Dlugoleka. "As the object was moving left [looking from our perspective], the light became less intense and finally only 3 lights [positioned in a row] left. They were twinkling as those of a plane. The outer ones were white and the central one green [...]. Anyway, we were observing the ball of intense light for 3 minutes that was standing motionless and after that time it began to move."

Mrs. Ewa isn't able to determine the altitude the object was while her husband admitted that it was positioned about 0.5 - 1 km over the ground.