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The University of Texas has announced that, following the mandate of the state legislature, it will unwind its DEI bureaucracy. Specifically, administrators will close down its DEI division, require some DEI deans to return to teaching, and eliminate other DEI positions altogether.

This is the culmination of a year-long campaign to abolish DEI and restore the principle of colorblind equality.

Last year, I released a series of investigative reports exposing radical DEI programming in the Lone Star State's public universities. The University of Texas, in particular, had been captured by left-wing ideologies, pushing DEI materials that accused the United States of being a system of "white supremacy," recommended the word "wimmin" as a replacement for "women," and affirmed "pagan polyamory" as a positive sexual identity.

Legislators responded by passing SB 17, which terminated funding for such programs.

But the devil is in the details. Some UT-Austin officials tried to skirt the restrictions, and legislators had to exert additional pressure to get administrators to finally shut down the DEI office.

This is a major victory, but we need to remain vigilant.
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