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You'll find an important Russia-India story on page 28 of the Google News results, to care about what's really happening between the two BRICS nations. Many reading this may not know that India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Vladimir Putin on his re-election as the President of the Russian Federation and announced the deepening of a strategic partnership between the two countries. Russia and India - strategic partners - isn't that page one New York Times stuff? Well, no.

Naturally, the Western propaganda machine revved up its gears to do damage control. The United States Institute of Peace, which is really a warmongering glee club, claimed back in February the Russia-India situation is fragile. The relationship is so fragile, in fact, that PM Modis quote from News 18 in New Delhi (taken from Modi's Tweet on X) reads:
"I Spoke with President Putin and congratulated him on his re-election as the President of the Russian Federation. We agreed to work together to further deepen and expand the India-Russia Special & Privileged Strategic Partnership in the years ahead."
I know the quote does not relay any fragility between nations that have been in good standing for decades. Still, the elites running our feudal/capitalistic system in the West - well, they can still dream. And speaking of neo-feudalism, a new book by the brilliant (if sometimes quirky) Yanis Varoufakis, speaks mightily on what's really going down in the West vs. East geopolicy wars we're in. The book, entitled Techno-feudalism: What Killed Capitalism proclaims capitalism as dead amid "an epochal shift" backwards in time. Varoufakis argues, his points about the technocrats and their fiefdoms by creating the parable below. Insert the first name "Mark" where Jeff is mentioned, and you'll see the truth of the Greek economist's theory:
"Imagine the following scene straight out of the science fiction storybook. You are beamed into a town full of people going about their business, trading in gadgets, clothes, shoes, books, songs, games and movies. At first everything looks normal. Until you begin to notice something odd. It turns out all the shops, indeed every building, belongs to a chap called Jeff. What's more, everyone walks down different streets and sees different stores because everything is intermediated by his algorithm... an algorithm that dances to Jeff's tune."
The man who should have been Greece's Prime Minister years ago uses Jeff (Bezos, the owner of Amazon) to illustrate how we peons and surfs produce value for technology companies simply by tweeting or posting. In Bezos's case, Varoufakis points out that the Amazon founder does not produce capital, but he simply charges rent. He says this isn't capitalism, but feudalism, exacted upon a citizenry unaware of what's happening. I suggest you read The Guardian story about the book here.

Returning to the Russia-India situation, it's easy to understand how the West, run by technocrats and old money who create only wealth without value, fear any system where real capital is created. Russia's various industries, China's, and especially India's scare the hell out of those running the Western shell game. When all is said and done, Washington and its allies just talk or bomb, real competition has been eliminated.

So, with no advantage to offer India, or even Europe, other than weapons to protect against fantasy or generated enemies, the United States is in a real pickle. And the worse things get, the more mainstream media, the think tanks, and puppet leaders holler "Democratic Values!" As for we surfs and peons? We simply must convert to the new feudal system. If we don't the whole thing comes crashing down under a hundred trillion dollars worth of air.

What I find most interesting here is the fact that, according to the World Bank, the Russian Federation currently leads the United States in (GFCF) Gross fixed capital formation (22% of GDP versus 12% for the U.S.). As for India, Modi's country eclipses the United States with 29%. For those unfamiliar, GFCF is a meaningful indicator of future business activity, business confidence, and patterns of economic growth.

Finally, Russia and India are linked by a "special and privileged strategic partnership." Both nations also support the creation of a multipolar world order in which both nations are "poles." So, it's not rocket science to imagine all 65,000 professionals the government funded USIP has trained since 1984 bucking in the traces about these BRICS nations partnering more closely. I am sure the reader can extrapolate in order to understand just how many people the elites and technocrats (George Soros especially) have praying on bended knee Americans don't discover that Iran is also ahead of the U.S. in capital development (27% of GDP). Hey, aren't we sanctioning them too?