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© Sean Rayford, Mike Segar-Pool/Getty ImagesPresident Joe Biden and candidate Donald Trump
The National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) drew a stark contrast between how former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden treat border patrol agents, declaring Trump shows agents "respect" while "Biden falsely accuses them of crimes."

The union, which notes it represents some "18,000 Border Patrol Agents and support personnel assigned to the U.S. Border Patrol," took to X on Thursday to lay out the "difference" between Biden and Trump.

"President Trump treats BP agents with respect, supports their mission and listens to their ideas," a post from the union's official account reads. "Biden falsely accuses agents of crimes, burned the border to the ground and only listens to his radical leftist base. See the difference?"

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© Anna Moneymaker/Getty ImagesNational Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd listens as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks at a press conference at the U.S. Capitol to discuss immigration at the southern border on June 22, 2022 in Washington, DC.
The union seems to be referencing Biden's allegation in 2021, in which he "falsely accused Del Rio Sector Border Patrol Unit agents of using horses to run over migrants and strapping them from horseback," as Breitbart News Texas's Bob Price and Rady Clark previously wrote.

The contrast comes as the two likely November presidential nominees spar on the campaign trail with dueling stops at the U.S. Southern border in Texas Thursday as the issue takes the spotlight in the early stages of the general election. Trump will visit Eagle Pass, and Biden will be in Brownsville. The president only announced he was going to the border after Trump's plans were public.

Biden vowed to lay blame on Republicans for the crisis at the border during the death of the pro-migration establishment border bill in the Senate earlier this month, and he looks to drive that narrative Thursday, as Breitbart News's Neil Munro noted. This is despite 55 percent of registered voters supporting Trump's call for the Senate not to pass a compromise on the pro-migration bill, according to a Harvard-Harris poll conducted February 21-22 among 2,022 respondents.

Notably, the Biden Administration neglected to invite NBPC president Brandon Judd, who had supported the bill that would have brought raises for his members, on its border visit to Brownsville, Texas, as Breitbart News Capitol Hill Correspondent Bradley Jaye noted:
During a press conference, a reporter asked Jean-Pierre why National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd was stiffed by Biden yet received an invitation from Donald Trump.

"So look, I will have more to share on what Thursday's gonna look like. We'll have more to share on who's going to be joining the president," Jean-Pierre replied.
In an op-ed published by Fox News Wednesday, Judd wrote Trump "deliberated about the best place on the border to visit with several people, including myself." He emphasized Trump's choice of Eagle Pass will "highlight Biden's massive failings."

Judd also ripped Biden during a Fox News appearance Monday night, suggesting his visit is "self-serving."

"He had three years to put policies in place," Judd said. "Now we're only eight months from an election and now it looks like he's interested, and he's only interested in it because it's self-serving and he wants to save himself."

The NBPC, in a separate post on X Thursday, told Biden to "Keep our name out of your mouth today."

It also warned that Americans are "just experiencing the tip of the iceberg with illegal alien crime in this country."

"When Joe Biden's Titanic capsizes you're going to see the real damage he's done the last 3 years," it added.