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Oil and gas are still reaching the bloc via third countries, a top Russian senator has said...

EU countries continue to purchase Russian oil and gas despite bold statements about abandoning supplies, the chair of the Federation Council, Valentina Matvienko, has said.

Speaking at an event organized by the Federation Council, the upper chamber of the Russian parliament, Matvienko stressed that by refusing to import Russian energy the EU was looking to punish Russia but has punished itself instead.

She emphasized that the steps taken by the Russian government have created a promising and friendly market for the country's oil, gas, and petroleum products.
"These include the Asia-Pacific region, countries of the global South, and others. Some European states quietly, without announcing it, still purchase both oil and gas [from Russia] through third or fourth channels. We all are able to overcome [obstacles], and should act in line with the policy."
She also noted that most of world is interested in developing mutually beneficial cooperation with Russia and urged that work on providing energy supplies must be continued.

The EU, G7, and allies have hit Russia with numerous restrictions over the conflict in Ukraine.

One measure was the so-called oil price cap that aims to prevent Moscow from selling its oil for more than $60 per barrel.

Last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin banned sales of Russian oil and petroleum products under contracts that directly or indirectly allow the use of the price ceiling.