Alex Jones
Elites gathering in Davos consider keeping Donald Trump out of the Oval Office their top priority, the commentator claimed...

Globalist elites hate Donald Trump because his economy-focused nationalist policies run against their pursuit of global control, US political commentator Alex Jones told RT, commenting on the ongoing World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.

Jones is a vocal proponent of the former American president and a strong critic of the WEF, which he perceives as a manifestation of the globalist agenda. Transnational business elites seek power at the expense of the liberties whichare at the core of the US national project, he believes.

"I'm peacefully trying to get Trump elected. I'm trying to get [removed from power] the crazy people ... who've hijacked the government," Jones said in the interview, referring to Trump's bid for another term in the White House, which he personally supports.

The current generation of powers that be is less competent now than the previous ones, and so they are both weaker and more dangerous, Jones claimed. Thanks to the spread of social media, there is a growing public pushback about their narratives, he added.

The elites "don't have the people's brains, but they have the nuclear weapons, and they are psychotic," he warned.

The founder of InfoWars' disputed remarks made by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who argued last September that Russia stood to benefit from the way Trump's election campaign was undermined by a slew of criminal allegations against him and his business at the federal and state levels in the US.

Putin called such actions "persecution of a political competitor" by the administration of President Joe Biden that exposes the "rot" in the US political system for the entire world to see. Consequently, Washington's ability to hurt Russia will diminishes, he reasoned.

Jones said:
"I get it's good in one aspect... to say it shows the people running America are bad. That statement is true. But if the deep state is able to take Trump down... nobody is safe.

"Don't fear the competence of America. You should fear the incompetence of the people who've hijacked it," he urged.