denmark military
© Sergei Gapon/AFPDanish soldiers patrol the area of the port of Aarhus, Denmark where military vehicles of the US army are parked, on January 16, 2023.
Amid a high terrorist threat from Islamists, the ruling Social Democrats and Liberals in Denmark are taking decisive measures. To address the threat posed by radical Islamists, the Danish army will be activated to support the 11,360 police officers in safeguarding Jewish institutions.

Comment: Except, over the last decade, a significant number of these alleged hate crimes were later revealed to have been hoaxes perpetrated by people connected to the Jewish community.

Similar to scenes witnessed in other European cities, armed soldiers in wheeled armored vehicles and off-road vehicles will now patrol road junctions and key locations in major Danish cities. Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen emphasizes the seriousness of the threat, leading to the deployment of the armed forces starting December 6th, European media reported.

The military will assist in securing various sites, including the Israeli embassy, the synagogue in Copenhagen, and other Jewish institutions, as the current load on the 11,360 Danish police officers is substantial. Recent demonstrations in Copenhagen, where participants waved the flag of the Islamist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir and called for a caliphate, underscore the heightened threat. Justice Minister Peter Hummelgaard, in response to the threat, has engaged with the Jewish community, which reportedly welcomed the army's protection.

Denmark, with a population of 5.9 million, has approximately 250,000 Muslims and 7,000 Jews. The Social Democratic government has adopted a stringent asylum policy, earning praise from Austrian politicians as exemplary.