The land is owned by Wokingham Borough Council
© LEE CRIPPSThe land is owned by Wokingham Borough Council
A large sinkhole that opened up in a car park near a primary school has suffered a further collapse.

The sinkhole appeared in East Park Farm Car Park in the village of Charvil, Berkshire, on Monday.

Charvil Parish Council said it was working to keep the area safe but confirmed more ground had given way.

Workers have inspected the hole, and the rest of the car park will now be scanned to make sure there is no more deterioration beneath the surface.

On Monday, the sinkhole was said to be about 6.5ft (2.5m) deep and 3.2ft (1m) wide, but has since grown in size

After its discovery, members of staff from Charvil Piggott Primary School guarded the hole to ensure no one fell in.

Parents of pupils at the school often use the site and have been told to park elsewhere.

The parish council said the sides of the hole remained unstable.

A spokesperson said: "We have seen a small amount of further collapse since Monday.

"The sinkhole will remain cordoned off, and while the car park is open to pedestrians and cyclists, we would ask that you take extra care around the safety barriers, and keep any pets under close control."

The council said it was working with Wokingham Borough Council, which owns the land, to make the area safe.

The borough council has been asked for comment.