The Daniel cyclonic system made landfall in Libya during the night with sub-tropical characteristics, and near Benghazi. Daniel is part of the depression structure which in recent days has caused historic rainfall in Greece, with accumulations exceeding 800mm, but also involving Turkey and Bulgaria.

There is a weather alert in Libya for the passage of Daniel where the government has ordered the suspension of work activities until Monday. Tripoli was also indirectly involved on Saturday and was flooded by strong storms, up to 48mm in Misurata.

In its movement on the Ionian the depressive structure has strengthened, isolated from the mother basin and supported by the heat of the sea. Daniel first became a subtropical depression and then a subtropical storm with winds of up to 45 knots as shown by Ascat-Meteosat.

Rains and thunderstorms in the last few hours are involving Libya with accumulations reaching 50mm in Al-Marj; the winds are also very intense. In the next few hours, torrential phenomena are expected to intensify inland while high waves and showers will continue to rage on the coastal area.

After Libya the storm will move towards NW Egypt weakeningbut it could still cause thunderstorms on parts of the north-western coasts, up to involving Alexandria of Egypt and Cairo.