Alina Habba
© Newsmax TVTrump attorney Alina Habba
As a deliberate ploy, the state of Georgia is bringing charges against former President Donald Trump that should be in federal court,

Alina Habba, Trump lawyer and general counsel for the Save America PAC, told Newsmax on Wednesday.

"Anything having to do with ... election issues at this level with a president should 100% be in federal court," Habba told Newsmax's Wake Up America, adding that this was all done "by design."

Habba said Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis "did it on purpose so that if he [Trump] is president, he can't pardon himself if he's convicted. ... We will probably be asking for a removal to another venue and to move it to federal court."

Habba said prosecutors in all of the Trump indictment cases should not be in touch with each other, and that they should be independent, especially a special counsel such as Jack Smith.

Habba also was asked if she's concerned that some of the other 18 people who were indicted along with Trump in the Georgia case would flip on him.

"No, because flipping implicates that there is a problem that the president should be worried about, and somebody's going to say something that will damage him, and so the answer to that question is very simply no," Habba said.

Habba said flipping is when there's a "real crime family and a real mob boss at the head with secrets and that you're waiting for somebody to accidentally or to feel pressure to say, 'He made me do it.' That's just not the case."

Habba said she's troubled that Willis brought these indictments now, as Trump is in the midst of a presidential campaign.

"She could have done it two years ago, since all the evidence she presented was available then," Habba said.
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