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Excess deaths from non-Covid causes such as heart failure and stroke have ballooned since the vaccine rollout but they have tended to correlate with Covid waves at least as much as with vaccination campaigns. This has fuelled speculation that the underlying cause is not vaccine injury (or something else) but 'silent Covid', hypothesised to be where the disease kills but without registering as an infection or during the post-infection phase.

Those of us suspicious of the novel vaccines have suggested that an interaction between the infection and the vaccine may be responsible, such as an auto-immune attack primed by the action of the vaccine in triggering sustained production of spike protein in numerous organs in the body including the heart, circulatory system and brain.

Now a new study from the U.S. state of Georgia adds support to this theory. Published in Frontiers in Neurology, it finds that those who had a Covid infection within three weeks of their first vaccine dose had up to eight times increased risk of stroke compared with those who were vaccinated but did not have a post-jab infection. Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough has written about the study on his Substack page, Courageous Discourse.
Nahab and coworkers from Emory analysed a statewide database of COVID-19 vaccine recipients. Approximately five million adult Georgians received at least one COVID-19 vaccine between December 2020 and March 2022: 54% received BNT162b2 [Pfizer], 41% received mRNA-1273 [Moderna], and 5% received Ad26.COV2.S [J&J]. Those with concurrent COVID-19 infection within 21 days post-vaccination had an [eight times] increased risk of ischaemic (OR = 8.00, 95% CI: 4.18, 15.31) and [a five times increased risk of] haemorrhagic stroke (OR =5.23, 95% CI: 1.11, 24.64).

This analysis shows one of many great dangers present in rapid vaccine development and rollout without sufficient data safety and monitoring. Stroke is a devastating outcome and it appears that a large number of debilitating cases could have been avoided if the COVID-19 vaccines were taken off the market in January 2021 for excess mortality. The patients in this study would have been spared stroke and disability.
Note that no comparison was made in this study with the unvaccinated.

Dr. McCullough says the data highlight the need for "spike protein detoxification", for which he and his colleagues have developed a treatment protocol, the manuscript for which is currently "in press".