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Finally, the dam has broken in Ukraine. Literally and figuratively. Heralded by the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam on the Dnieper River, the much-vaunted Great Ukrainian Counter-Offensive to 'boot the Rooskies from sovereign Ukraine' is underway, and it's almost certainly going to end in the fall of the US puppet regime in Kiev.

Also in this NewsReal: the 7-year-long 'Deep State vs Trump' saga continues with the indictment of Trump over 'mishandled Top secret documents'. Will Trump go to prison? Not likely, but this will be hanging over him all through his re-election campaign next year.

But first up: ALIENS! A US national security state insider reveals that the US govt has been retrieving and back-engineering 'non-human' technology from crashed UFOs. A paradigm-shifting development, if true, but is this essentially more 'drip-drip-disclosure' towards some weird endgame involving as-yet-unseen US imperial goals?

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