ufo near moon
© @laryloo/Tik TokImages from a video posted on Tik Tok May 14, 2023
Unidentified flying objects have been spotted floating near the moon in footage posted to TikTok, a user has claimed.

At least two white aircraft, one of which was notably smaller than the other, can apparently be seen in the video.

"What is this object near the moon?" TikTok user LaryLoo (@laryloo) asked in the description of the clip, which has nearly five million likes.

The devices come into view as the cameraman zooms in on a shot of the celestial body taken in broad daylight. Although one aircraft appears to remain static in the roughly 30-second video, a smaller object can be seen disappearing behind the Moon.

It is unclear where the video was taken and if it may have been modified.

Below the video, some commenters speculated about what the objects might be.

"The moon is a space station used by (extraterrestrials) to spy on earth," one TikToker postulated.

"It's obviously a cow jumping over," another said.

"Probably a Walmart bag," a third commenter said.

But another noted that at one point the poster described themself as a computer graphics artist in their TikTok account's bio.

That description has since been removed, but their page is filled with other eye-catching computer-generated visuals that wouldn't be out of place in a modern science fiction blockbuster.

Others were impressed by the filmer's camera.

"Are we not gonna talk about how his phone can zoom in so much?" one asked.

"My man has the iPhone 64 pro," said another.

Another commenter suggested that the poster may have used a Nikon Coolpix P1000 to film the clip. The devices which go for $1,000 on Amazon have an optical zoom of up to 125x.

"Those things are amazing," one commenter said.

In another video, an unidentified aircraft can be seen flying over Roswell, New Mexico, an important historical site for UFO enthusiasts.

"Crystal clear footage in broad daylight," said the host of ThirdPhaseOfMoon, a YouTube channel that posted the footage.

"Whatever's going on, we're looking at possible new experimental aircraft right here."