A blue light was seen shining in the skies of Mexico on Friday evening. The blue light stunned those who saw it. Local residents recorded those moments with their phone cameras. In the statement made by the authorities, it was reported that the blue light was a meteorite.

At around 7:30 p.m. local time on Friday evening, an occasional glowing blue light was observed in residential areas in the northern and western parts of Nuevo Leon state in northern Mexico.

The locals could not observe their amazement at the observed blue light. Many people recorded the footage of the event with their cell phone camera and shared it on social media.


The Nuevo Leon State Civil Protection Agency confirmed the event, which had a great impact on social media. Authorities announced that the event in the sky was a meteorite that caught fire after entering the atmosphere.

"At the moment there are no damages in any municipality of the state," the civil protection agency said in a statement.

Officials of the Nuevo Leon Autonomous University Observatory are constantly studying the sky.

Meteors occasionally survive the fiery passage through Earth's atmosphere, but they usually go unnoticed because many fall or burn up over the ocean.

Earlier this month, a bolide - a term which refers to an exceptionally bright meteor - exploded over Israel and the West Bank in broad daylight, causing a loud boom. And in February, a 1-meter asteroid was discovered only a few hours before entering the atmosphere, lighting up the sky in parts of France and Western Europe.

(Ihlas News Agency - BNO News)