In the early morning of March 27, netizens in Hebei, Beijing and many other places discovered two bright lights in the sky, and a car recorder took pictures of the suspected meteorites. Astronomy experts told the Jimu News reporter that what netizens saw was probably a fireball, and such an obvious phenomenon is relatively rare.

Several netizens from Hebei and Beijing said that two bright lights flashed across the sky early on the morning of the 27th. They were fleeting, but they could light up the courtyard in an instant. In addition, Tongliao netizens also said that they had seen this phenomenon.

According to the surveillance video posted by netizens in Hebei, at around 0:10 on March 27, two flashes suddenly appeared, and the light source was obviously from above, and one of the bright lights was blue. In addition, a Beijing netizen's driving recorder recorded an image of a suspected meteorite. In the image, a ball of blue light slid along the "tail flame" and disappeared from the image after blinking twice. Many netizens speculated that it was a fireball.

A netizen in Chengde County, Hebei told reporters that the flash of light lit up the sky as if it were daylight and the area was very large.

Mr. Yang, a meteorite collector in Liaoning, told the Jimu News reporter that the phenomenon seen by netizens is probably a fireball, but it cannot be fully confirmed unless the fallen meteorite is actually found.

Li Liang, a popular science expert at the Beijing Planetarium, said judging from the video and photos, it was more likely a fireball. Meteors emit light when they brush the atmosphere during their high-speed fall, and the color of the light is affected by the materials contained in the meteorite itself and the composition of the atmosphere. "Under normal circumstances, meteors disappear quickly. This time, the phenomenon lasted longer and was very bright, which is relatively rare," Li Liang said.

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