Floods in Bandeirantes, Parana, Brazil, March
© Prefeitura de Bandeirantes
Floods in Bandeirantes, Parana, Brazil, March 2023.
Dozens of houses were damaged and hundreds of people were displaced after severe flooding swept through the municipality of Bandeirantes in the north of the state of Paraná, Brazil.

Flooding struck in the early house of 05 March 2023 following torrential rainfall. The municipal government reported over 150 mm of rain in a short period. The volume and intensity of the rain caused rivers to break their banks, flooding wide areas of Bandeirantes. Around 250 homes were damaged and over 700 people were displaced. Roads are impassable and schools have been closed. Full damage assessments are yet to be completed.

"We still haven't been able to assess the damage, since we have several damaged bridges which we need to rebuild, and people are isolated," Jaelson Matta, mayor of Bandeirantes said.

Many of those displaced are being housed in local schools and other public buildings. Local authorities are providing food and other relief supplies. The Municipality of Bandeirantes declared a state of emergency late on 05 March.