Disarming NATO
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It is generally believed that Russia was lured into this war and is now trying with all its might to end this war.

But what if you look at it from the other side? What if Russia is luring NATO countries into war and forcing the United States and allies to get more and more stuck in this conflict, the result of which has long been known, but for some reason does not come in any way?

I have written more than once that Russia's goal is much higher than victory over Ukraine. Such a victory will not give anything special. We will defeat them, in 5 years the US will train Poland. If we defeat Poland, they will set Germany against us.

The only reasonable goal is the destruction and disarmament of the NATO bloc. The weakening of its military potential to the level of Ethiopia. At least - the European part of NATO.

The United States cannot fight us directly without having a land base. Just like we can't fight them at their borders. We will send, for example, 100,000 troops on ships and planes to their shores. They'll flip pop them all off on the approaches.

And we will pop their ships when they only try to approach the Black, Baltic or any other Sea (we are talking about a conventional non-nuclear war).

So what does Russia need:

A) NATO to disintegrate;

B) Deprive the United States of a land base, that is, occupy the whole of Europe, following the example of the GDR (it's not for nothing that the Russian army is being increased by as much as 600,000 people). When our army was standing there, no one even dared to make a sound in our direction. Apparently, they perceived our voluntary departure as a weakness. So, we need to repeat it.

The collapse of NATO is quite possible if Ukraine loses. But then what? How to occupy Europe?

Even without the help of the United States, it is quite a powerful force. Tanks, planes, howitzers...

So now they are giving these tanks and planes to Ukrainians, who have no special experience in managing this equipment, in a dosed and voluntary manner. And the Ukrainians are driving this equipment to our border, that is, to where it is most comfortable for us to destroy this equipment (the supply arm is very short. It's possible to quickly bring shells, fuel, provisions, moreover sitting in fortified positions.).

So after the collapse of NATO, we may well get a naked Europe. A Europe that can be taken with bare hands. They will disarm themselves by then.

This option is much easier than the one when our soldiers would have to trudge 2,000 kilometers to Germany and fight with German tanks on their territory under the control of experienced German crews.

The more I watch all this, the more I have a feeling that Russia is deliberately keeping everything at such a level to give the West hope that its victory is possible. It's only necessary to push a little bit and give a little more tanks/howitzers/planes.

If we had immediately defeated the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Europe would not have had time to disarm. If we push hard now, Europe will get scared and hand over 500-800 tanks and 200 aircraft at once. But everything happens as dosed as possible. A batch of weapons - destruction. A batch - destruction.

Yes, no one here says that Russia's goal is the destruction of NATO and the introduction of occupation troops all the way to France. We are all talking about the liberation of Donbass, denazification, etc....

But officials in the West also say that their goal is for Russia to simply go to the borders of 1991. Although their real goal is for Russia to break up into 50 separate states that will fall into total colonial dependence on the United States (only unofficial persons speak about this).

No one talks about such global goals at the highest level (neither from our side nor from their side). But this does not mean that there are no such goals.

I ask you to consider all of the above - just as a possibility. Well, or a reason for personal reflection - who is dragging whom into the war and is it not beneficial for Russia to drag Europe even deeper than it is now?...