Seismic Connection
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I will be brief ( relatively).

In a paper coming out, "Increased Mid-Ocean Seismic Activity: Fact or Artifact?" Dr. Arhtur Viterito has confirmed my suspicions that geothermal input from the increased seismic activity is a leading cause of the warming, if not the almost total cause. As much as the co2 crowd keeps pointing to the rise in temperature and increased emissions they ignore the fact that the air temperature go virtually nowhere without the oceanic warming and the input of WV in the air, The oceans are not warming via co2 feedback. Arguments about co2's effect on the air ignore the oceanic warming. So what is warming the ocean? Dr Viterito supplies the smoking gun to my suspicions.

Temperature Chart
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This is the last 40 plus years of temperatures (brown) and seismic activity The 2 super Ninos can clearly be seen which would make sense given the amount of WV put in the air by the tropics But the steady increase in seismic activity is clearly linked. If one wants to argue its co2 with that correlation then how is it not this GIVEN THIS WOULD ACTUALLY AFFECT the INPUT OF ENERGY INTO THE OCEAN , which in turn would warm the air in the way we are observing due to the nature of water vapor.

There is next to no one looking at this, Why are we looking at co2. and ignoring the main source of energy in the earths climate?

Co2 to temp,
CO2 Levels Chart
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Now, why is that proof the warming is the .0000125. co2 input of man to the atmosphere ( US 10% of that) of that and is the climate control knob when the addition of geothermal energy from what is a vastly understudied entity the ocean, is not? It's as if no one wants to look.

No peer review. Gee, I wonder why people so invested in the climate war won't look at it? One paper does not make the proof. But then again they have no evidence it is not, since they refuse to look and it makes more sense it is geothermal given the vast energy source of the ocean. How is this any different from all the other nonsense that goes on today with disinformation? Trump's Russian Collusion. Hunter Biden's Laptop Covid data. all hidden. On and on we can go. All with the same end goal. You would have Al Gorish, not to at least wonder.

Al Gore in his recent rant talked about boiling oceans. Well, just how are those oceans warming? I would love to see him explain that physical process. He is good at swearing as are others in his ilk. Kerry with his extraterrestrial nonsense. Greta protesting coal plants in Germany blissfully unconcerned about the amount of cold left there this winter. If the amount of time and effort was given to studying the oceans and watching how these hot spots develop over known areas of underwater activity, I am. confident it would blow the co2 argument out of the water.

So the oceans are "boiling" and apparently Al Gore has a magic co2 fairy that is doing it.