It appeared at a height of 71 kilometers from the earth 's surface, reaching a speed of 17 kilometers per second and finally reaching the considerable altitude of 37 kilometres.

These are some of the numbers shared by the experts of Prisma (the first Italian network for the systematic surveillance of meteors and atmosphere) regarding the passage of a brilliant fireball over the Venice area yesterday evening, at around 18:36. ( Article here ).

Here are the images of the fabulous show.

The video, shared on social media, was recorded in Varese by the webcam of the Astronomical Society G. V. _ Schiapparelli , at the Campo dei Fiori astronomical observatory - Prealpine Geophysical Center.

As already reported, the fireball was visible from a large part of the Italian territory, from Trentino to the Marches. In fact, among the Prisma cameras that recorded the event, as well as those of Agordo and Civitanova Marche, there is also those of Trento and many Trentino citizens were able to observe the phenomenon yesterday evening.

(Translated by Google)