The Biden administration has been the most destructive to the lives of America's senior citizens than any in the last half century, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC).

Chief Executive Officer Rebecca Weber was invited by Florida GOP Sen. Rick Scott to testify before Congress in a field hearing regarding the Biden administration and its impact on senior citizens.

Andrew Mangione, AMAC Action's senior Vice President, on the John Solomon Reports podcast, said:
"She described this administration, rightfully so, as the most destructive to seniors regarding their longevity, their prosperity and their legacy in the last 50 years."
According to the written testimony that Weber presented, a million senior citizens have begun living in poverty since Biden has been in office.
"Seniors live on fixed incomes. It's a combination of any retirement savings that they might have such as a pension. They might be receiving Social Security, with its limited income. They have federal health care programs like Medicare and Medicaid to help them and this creates a safety net. Rebecca illustrated that the Biden administration is blowing holes in the safety net by increasing costs."
According to Mangione, the average American family is struggling under the Biden administration to make ends meet and pay for basic things.
"The continued high inflation is costing the average American family more than $3,500. I mentioned how the number of seniors living in poverty rose by nearly 1 million. More than 10% of seniors are living below the poverty line and that number of seniors living in poverty is expected to rise throughout this year and into next year."