finland weapons ukraine
One of Finland's largest media outlets, Yle, ran a story on the flow of smuggled weapons from Ukraine. It is about assault rifles, pistols, ammunition and even drones
The weapons supplied to Ukraine were also found in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands, the publication said, quoting Crime Police Commissioner Krister Ahlgren.

Weapons supplied to Ukraine by Western countries, through various routes, reach Finland.
"We have a lot of intelligence that criminal organisations are very interested in supplying weapons to Ukraine," says the commissioner. There are already routes to deliver weapons to Europe.
"There are three of the world's largest motorbike gangs operating in Finland, which is an international criminal organisation. One of them is Bandidos, which has a branch in every major city in Ukraine," says Algrena.
According to him, because of the huge number of weapons in Ukraine, Europe "will have to deal with it for decades". The publication adds that criminal organizations have already set up weapons caches in Ukraine's border regions.