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© Nam Y. Huh/APA girl, 6, receives the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children 5 to 11 at Lurie Children's hospital in Chicago, November 5, 2021.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) vaccine advisory committee is holding a meeting on Thursday at which observers have said it is highly likely the committee will add COVID-19 vaccines to the standard childhood immunisation schedule.

Alex Berenson writes:
I have not confirmed this plan with the agency. But the Federal Register - the official Government notice for the meetings - reports that "recommendation votes on pneumococcal, adult immunisation schedule, child/adolescent immunisation schedule and COVID-19 vaccines are scheduled." [emphasis added]
Alex suggests that the reason for the move may be to retain indefinitely the protection from liability for vaccine injuries the companies currently enjoy but which would lapse upon the ending of the 'public health emergency'.
Then why make this move, which is both irrelevant and embarrassing since it throws a spotlight on the way parents have rejected the shots for kids? The real answer may be the potential liability over the shots the mRNA companies may soon face.

The federal 'public health emergency' declaration now in place protects Pfizer and the other vaccine companies from being sued over any side effects from their shots. This is likely the primary reason the declaration was extended again days ago, despite the lack of any evidence that Covid is causing even minor stress on the medical system.


I suspect - and I want to be clear I am simply guessing - that the vaccine companies have told the Biden Administration they will not sell the shots without liability protection. Everyone involved at the companies and the White House is fully aware that a withdrawal must be avoided at all costs; they know how pulling the shots from the market would look.
Steve Kirsch agrees. He writes:
If you get put on the CDC childhood vaccine schedule, it means:

1. Liability protection forever for not just the vaccine for kids, but for the adult vaccine as well

2. All states require vaccination in order to attend public school. Many tie their list to the CDC list or a subset thereof. So getting on the list is a key step to being mandated in many states.
Steve thinks it's "highly likely that on Thursday, the ACIP committee will vote to put the EUA Covid vaccines on the childhood vaccine schedule".

"They aren't supposed to put an EUA [emergency use authorisation] vaccine on the Immunisation Schedule," he notes, "but since when has that stopped them?"

"This is the big prize for a vaccine manufacturer," he adds.

Steve suggests people submit their comments objecting to the plan.
You can comment here by clicking the comment button (see below).

My suggestion is to keep it short because nobody reads the comments anyway, so you can just register your outrage that they are doing this.

My comment has the comment tracking number: l9d-jujp-u7cf. Here's the text of what I submitted: "The Covid vaccines should not be added to the vaccine schedule until there is a proven all-cause mortality benefit. Where is the study?"
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