Covid-19 vaccination in Nice
© Eric Gaillard / ReutersPeople wait to be given a Covid-19 vaccine in Nice, France, April 29, 2021.
This post is short, but it took twenty+ hours to research and edit. The source videos and other references are at the end. As I slowly crawled through these ideas, I created an essay you can read in just a few minutes. If you listen to the audio, you need to also look at the charts. Your life depends on knowing about this.

Before you get into the depressing stuff, watch this. It's accurate, up-to-date, and laugh-out-loud funny:

To to test their poisons, Pfizer and the other Pharma companies killed us like lab rats. "Hot lot" is a phrase they would rather you never hear. It refers to a defective product. A commercial example is baby spinach recalled for salmonella contamination. Imagine if the company was testing different doses of salmonella to find out how much was needed to kill you or make you sick.

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is the US government database that records reported vaccine injuries. Their sample is incomplete but immense. It lists the batches / lots for each company in the order that they appeared. It also records the number of adverse reactions by lot number and date they occurred. Its data is primarily from the USA.

Craig Paardekooper analyzed the Covid jab harms recorded by VAERS and created the charts below. He proved that the three manufacturers coordinated sinister dose-response experiments to quantify the damages and fatalities that these drugs would inflict. This work proves beyond any doubt that the drug companies used us as guinea pigs to study their products' toxicity and lethality. The odds of the results below happening by chance alone are nonexistent.
vax deployment rate of injury
© Craig Paardekooper/VAERS
The entire study period is shown in the first slide. Each blue dot is a manufacturing batch / lot that includes thousands of bottles with the same serial number. The higher on the vertical axis a blue dot appears, the more adverse events were reported for that lot. The months over which the experiment was run are shown on the horizontal axis.

  • There have been 28,330 Covid shot batches / lots recorded in VAERS.
  • The number of VAERS injuries reported for each lot is shown by the dot's vertical height above the baseline.
  • About 95 percent of the batches are on the horizontal blue timeline axis line at the bottom. These have few adverse reactions and are relatively harmless. Some might be saline control.
  • All of the dots/batches/lots above the blue baseline are toxic.
  • The batches above the red line are the hot lots. These each produce 1000-5000 adverse events of death, disability, and other sicknesses and are 3000 to 5000 times riskier than ones at the baseline.
  • The batches above the red line are .65 percent (.0065) of the total, so there is about a 1/200 chance that any given jab contains a hot or very toxic ingredient. If you get two injections, your chances of getting one of these of course doubles. Your personal risk of damage with subsequent jabs increases much more, however. For a comparison, the risk of dying from most major surgeries is 1/100 to 1/1000.
  • America was the target of this experiment. To avoid local disease clusters that might be noticed, the conspirators spread vials from each batch into every US state. The companies had prior experience with this — Wyeth once used a hot lot of DPT vaccine in an area of Tennessee. It killed eight kids and made headlines. After that, the standard practice was to mix lots across states so fatality collections were invisible.
Who did it? Pfizer, J&J, or Moderna?
vaccine deployment injuries
© Craig Paardekooper/VAERSThe same graph, annotated. Moderna used hot lots at the start (left box) and Pfizer at the end (right box). Johnson and Johnson’s hot lots are in the red boxes.
Johnson and Johnson ran the first tests to find out how many people would be sickened or killed. Their results are in the red box on the left. Next, casualties from Moderna are shown in the nearly square large left box. J and J did a brief second test as seen in the middle red box. During the second half of the time period, Pfizer took over. The deaths and illnesses of their victims are in the right-hand box.
pfizer vaccine deployment injuries
© Craig Paardekooper/VAERSDetail: Pfizer's testing period from the right (later) half of the chart, annotated.
Pfizer's strict quality control convicts them of murder
  • Pfizer systematically deployed batches of varying toxicity and lethality during the last half of the trial.
  • Adverse reactions as shown by the blue dots of each toxic lot are clustered in a limited vertical range above the baseline as marked by the vertical red lines. These likely reflect individual milligram dosages for each time period.
  • These results fit along the slanted plot line above. This is striking evidence that Pfizer started with a higher dose at the start (to the left), then decreased it in five steps over the study period. This was an injury / lethality dose-response study.
  • Between each dose tested, a "clear" interval was seen when non-toxic, possibly placebo vaccines were used. Here, the adverse events declined to the baseline blue line. This made the results easier to see when the lots with more injuries and deaths were placed on the graph.
  • The companies' study must have proven that higher doses of poison injured more people.

Evidence, settlements, and convictions document big Pharma's long history of mass murder and racketeering. They have their own Wikipedia page of shame about it.

This may be their most heinous crime. These three companies conspired under joint direction to plan and execute another Holocaust.

I do not know how anyone could trust a vaccine of any kind after understanding this, particularly one containing mRNA such as the new influenza vaccine. I do not know how anyone could trust any other product made by these companies, either. Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna.

Profit motive alone could not have produced this behavior — these people are psychopaths. See my recent post about that HERE. As evil as they are, they are likely only pawns of the global predators directing them. Let us pray that our courts and Constitution remain intact enough for us to see them all hung.

  • A Midwestern Doctor's Substack HERE describes similar events during the anthrax vaccination campaign.
  • James Hill, MD, and Jessica Rose have also posted about this topic.
  • Craig Paardekooper's Bitchute VAERS/Covid vaccine analysis channel has many other videos. This is his video showing these graphs and explanations:
  • If you can tolerate more evidence, the following video proves that Pfizer's batch codes were numbered sequentially according to their toxicity.
  • POSTSCRIPT from A Midwestern Doctor:
I also stumbled across an analysis from Sweden's data which appears to also show Pfizer is testing hot lots there.