dog attack
A woman has been found dead with multiple animal bites in Sabah's east coast Semporna district.

Police were alerted to the discovery of the body by villagers at a junction to Kampung Batu at 8am on Sunday (Sept 4).

Semporna OCPD Supt Mohd Farhan Lee Abdullah said upon reaching the location, police found the 29-year-old local woman face down on the ground.

He said animal bites were found all over the woman's body including on her back, right thigh, one arm and her head, adding that it is believed that the bites were inflicted by stray dogs.

The body was then sent for a post-mortem at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in the state capital on Tuesday (Aug 6).

"Following the autopsy by medical forensics experts, it was confirmed that the cause of death was excessive bleeding from multiple injuries caused by animal bites," Supt Mohd Farhan said in a statement on Wednesday (Aug 7).

"No foul play was involved," he added, noting that the incident was considered as a sudden death case.

He advised the public to notify the Semporna District Council if they came across packs of stray dogs.