iran fuel tanker
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Featured image: Iranian fuel tanker Fortune docks in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, May 26, 2020.
Vessels loaded with Iranian oil will arrive in Venezuela and Nicaragua in the next 10 days, within the framework of energy contracts signed between the countries.

Javad Owji, Iranian Minister of Oil, accompanied by a delegation of more than a dozen officials, made a trip to Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua in recent weeks to strengthen strategic ties in the energy field between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Latin America.

The secretary of the Energy Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran (Majles or Parliament), Hossein Hosseinzadeh, referred this Tuesday, May 10, to the results of the visit of the Iranian delegation to the Latin American region, saying that contracts were signed pertaining to maintenance and construction of refineries.

In a conversation with local news agency Mehr News, Hosseinzadeh also reported the signing of one of the most historic and significant oil contracts of the Persian country with Venezuela, adding that "Iran's oil loads will arrive in Nicaragua and Venezuela in the next 10 days."

In addition, Hosseinzadeh highlighted the importance of bilateral relations between Iran and Latin American countries, and said that with the cooperation of the Iranian Parliament and government, he has set himself the goal of expanding energy diplomacy with Latin American countries.

The Persian official, who accompanied the Iranian Oil Minister on his visits to the countries of the region, also explained that this trip was based on the three axes of oil sales, refinery development, and development of oil and gas fields.

Referring to Venezuela's high capacity in the oil industry, Hosseinzadeh noted Iran's intention to build refineries in the South American country, and described agreements as win-win contracts.

Comment: Notably this is a catchphrase that has become commonly used by nations doing business with another multipolar nation, China.

In addition, he announced Iran's willingness to help build and establish a joint refinery between Iran, Venezuela and Nicaragua, which "will be very useful in view of the sanctions" suffered by the three countries.

Comment: With the West slapping sanctions on every country that who refuses to submit to its diktats, it is essentially sanctioining itself out of the global economy and given strength in numbers to those it intended to make pariahs. This has become particularly stark amidst its war on Russia in Ukraine whereby former allies, such as the UAE, have made it clear that they intend to continue doing business with Russia, with or without the US.

Iran, Venezuela, and Nicaragua all face suffocating sanctions from the United States and the European Union.

Within the Tehran-Caracas strategic alliance, Iran has already sent several tankers to Venezuela loaded with barrels of gasoline and additives to supply the South American nation, mired in severe fuel shortages as a result of Washington's coercive measures.

Translation: Orinoco Tribune