A fireball-like meteor was seen over the state of Santa Catarina on Monday night near midnight.

The alert was given by Luciano Miguel Diniz who has a BRAMON monitoring station (LUM1/SP) in Canitar/SP. Later Alexandre Moro from the BRAMON station (AFM1/SC) in Florianópolis also realized that he had recorded the same meteor.

Early in the morning, it was the turn of Jocimar Justino, from the monitoring station in Monte Castelo-SC, to find the fireball in the records of the Planalto Norte station. According to the preliminary analysis, the phenomenon lasted about 5 seconds and possibly occurred near the Caçador region.

Weather cameras in the state of RS and SC also recorded the event.

"Fireball" meteors are so named because of their intense brightness, greater than -4 magnitude, and their shape that actually looks like a ball.

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