tucson police officer shooting Ryan Remington Richard Lee Richards
© Tucson Police Department
The Tucson Police Department released video from a Walmart parking lot showing an officer with a suspect in a motorized wheelchair. Moments later, the suspect was shot and killed.
A police officer is facing termination after fatally shooting a man in a wheelchair nine times in the back on Tucson's southwest side Monday night.

On Tuesday during a press conference, Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus identified the officer involved as Ryan Remington, who has been on the force for four years.

The victim has been identified as Richard Lee Richards.

"To be very clear, I am deeply disturbed and troubled by Officer Remington's actions. His use of deadly force in this incident is a clear violation of department policy and directly contradicts multiple aspects of our use of force and training," said Magnus.

Sources told News 4 Tucson the incident started at a Walmart store in the Midvale Park Shopping Center on Monday.

Richards was allegedly caught shoplifting at Walmart. As he tried to leave the store, a loss prevention employee stopped him and asked him to show a receipt.

Sources say Richards pulled a knife on the employee.

Moments later, nine shots were fired at a Lowe's store nearby.

During the press conference on Tuesday, Magnus released body camera video and video from inside the store.

The incident is being reviewed by the Pima County Attorney's Office. The office posted the following statement on its Twitter:

"PCAO, The People's Office, holds sacred the impartial review of the facts of every incident referred to us. Once we receive the evidence in this incident, we will conduct such a review. Until such time, we will not comment further on this matter."

On Tuesday afternoon, Tucson Mayor Regina Romero released the following statement:
"The actions of the officer involved in last night's deadly shooting are unconscionable and indefensible. The County Attorney's Office has my full support as they proceed with their investigation. It is moments like this that test our resolve to ensure justice and accountability. We owe this to all Tucsonans. I ask our community to remain calm and be patient as investigations ensue."
In a press conference Wednesday, Remington's attorney called Romero's comments inflammatory and urged the public not to rush to judgment until the investigation is complete.