Fast moving strong storms caused very limited damage considering what some of the video sent in by viewers to WRDE.

There were no injuries reported from the storms but plenty of shocking video and pictures from our viewers.

A video posted to Facebook shows a waterspout from near Ocean View.

Sandy & Lori Smyth, who shot the video said, "You know it was neat the fact that we got to see the whole thing form and then even after the video was over I came down here and I saw it was still continuing on you know right over there towards the tower."

There is separate video of the same waterspout moving through, both say the storm was very impressive and the closest they've been to something like this.

A different video shows the first water spout from that storm as it moved across Delmarva over the Choptank River. The radar was showing the storm developing. The storm continued East and weakened for a time, before strengthening, then that same video from Ocean View shows when another waterspout formed over Beach Cove in Ocean View.

"There look up you see the funnel forming. You can see it really good," said the Smyths

Sussex County Emergency Services say there was no reports of damage to them. Local fire crews did responded to a fire started by lightning in Angola, neighbors say it was fairly small but still shocking.

Keegan & Jenevieve Worley, from Lewes said, "We debated calling 911 because we weren't sure if the smoke was warranted, we didn't know if the rain was going to put it out, but luckily we called because it turned out that there attic was on fire."

There's no storms in our area for tonight, but our meteorologists will be tracking the possibility of rain this weekend.