Santa Catarina recorded snow accumulations in Urupema and Sao Joaquim early Wednesday morning, June 30, the third consecutive day of the rare phenomenon including below-zero temperatures.

According to the Information Center of Environmental Resources and Hydrometeorology of Santa Catarina (Epagri / Ciram), this is the first year since 2000 that such a meteorological event has been recorded three consecutive days.

Since the beginning of the week, the humidity and temperature conditions favored the appearance of snowflakes in the cities located in the region of the Santa Catarina Mountains.

Cars, lawns, and roads were covered by a layer of ice on Wednesday. Also, according to Epagri / Ciram, in Bom Jardim da Serra, at 3 AM, the temperature reached -3.9° C.

Around 5 AM the minimum in Urupema was -3.45° C. In the same region, thermometers showed -2.13° C in Urubici and -1.6° C in São Joaquim at around 3 AM.

Freezing rain

On Tuesday, there was light snowfall in São Joaquim, Urupema, and Urubici in the late afternoon, according to Epagri / Ciram. There were records of frozen rain in the region. The small flakes fell for about 25 minutes and were celebrated by residents and tourists in São Joaquim.

In addition, Bom Jardim da Serra had the lowest temperature of the year in the country with a minimum of -7.5° C, at 7 AM. Also on Monday it snowed in the city and five others in Santa Catarina, for the first time in 2021.

Weather forecast

The cyclone that formed over Uruguay and became Tropical Storm Raoni brings unpredictable weather to the coast of Santa Catarina. In the state, the consequences of the phenomenon will be seen at sea, with waves that can reach 3 meters high near the coast.

Source: G1