So just when is all this ice going to disappear?

So just when is all this ice going to disappear?
Following a historic increase in snow and ice in late May, Greenland has seen huge gains at a time when it usually lost snow and ice.

If you look at the official figures provided by the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), it turns out that yesterday, June 24, 4 gigatons were recorded in one day - an astonishing figure for this time of year: Greenland has never received so much snow and ice in recorded history, so late at the start of the season.

Despite decades of prophecies about the doom of glaciers that are "about" to melt due to "Global Warming", the ice sheet is currently gaining a record amount of "mass" - only for yesterday (June 24, 2021) - 4 gigatons.

There has never been such a large accumulation at this time of year - at least since DMI started recording in 1981. Growth of this magnitude would be considered normal in November-February, but not at the end of June.

According to climate alarms, the Greenland ice sheet should have melted by now. In reality, far from the "myth of global warming", it not only does not decrease, but grows at an incredible rate.

Also note that in the period 2003-2011. Greenland's ice sheet losses averaged 234 billion tonnes per year. However, the situation has clearly changed since then, and the trend has changed to an upward trend: the climate, after all, is cyclical and is never linear.

In addition, a graph of the total snow mass in the Northern Hemisphere shows that snow accumulation continued to significantly exceed the 1982-2012 averages this season.

At its peak (in early March), the amount of snow in the Northern Hemisphere exceeded the norm by more than 500 gigatons (another "impossible" climatic reality.

This is how glaciers are formed.

This is how the ice ages begin.

Ocean currents are also slowing down.

All of this indicates that there are cold times ahead.

Don't say you weren't warned.

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