Floods in Kasese, Uganda, 21 May 2020.
© Uganda Red Cross
Floods in Kasese, Uganda, 21 May 2020.
At least 8 people have died in flash floods in the Western Region of Uganda.

Torrential rain on 21 May caused several rivers to overflow in Kasese district, in particular the Lhubiriha river.

Several people were swept away in the floods. Around 4 people survived and were taken to hospital. Uganda Red Cross said that 8 fatalities have been confirmed.

Homes have been damaged and hundreds of people displaced. A bridge that connects Uganda to the Democratic Republic of Congo was destroyed.

According to local media reports, areas around the Mpondwe-Bwera are among the worst hit. Bwera is about 5km east of the border with Democratic Republic of Congo's North Kivu Province and is one of the busiest border crossings between the two countries.

This is the second major flash flood event in the area this month. As many as 100,000 people were affected in Kasese by severe flooding in the district from 05 May, 2020.

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