Poland frosts
One of the coldest April mornings in decades.

2 Apr 2020 - With temperatures dropping below -5 °C (even to -8 °C in some valleys) during the time of blossoming trees, the damage is almost complete - 100% in many vineyards and fruit plantations.

There are numerous reports of destructive frost to the fruit trees (cherry, peach and almond orchard) and some other crops across Slovenia, northeast Italy, Croatia, Serbia and Hungary.

The mercury plunged to -5.9C (21.4F) in Buzet and Pazin, Croatia; while Slovenia reported decade-lows of -9.4C (15F) and - 8.6C (16.5F) in Iskrba and Logatec, respectively.

Other nations reported even chillier lows.

In Italy, up to 50 percent of Gala and Golden apples were destroyed.

Thanks to Stephen Bird for these links.