As the saying goes, 'April showers bring May flowers'. But many areas around the world just enjoyed an unexpected April treat-snow showers! Over the past few weeks, the weather fluctuated from chilly and damp to warm and spring-like. With a few recent days of sunshine and warmer temperatures, a handful of plants responded to Nature's call for Spring. But clearly, Winter was not ready to let go.

Heavy falling of snow has been recorded this Wednesday in many counties of Albania.

As a result of this blizzard, 5 cm of snow have accumulated in different districts of northern and 20 cm in mountainous areas, but other remote areas have sustained a thickness of 60 cm and lower areas of 20 cm.

Meanwhile, Nation's Highway is currently filled with snow and the situation is barely kept under control by the help of snow removal vehicles and by throwing salt.

In addition, electric power network is suffering because of all this snow, which has caused the interruption of electricity in Ujmisht, Bushtrice and Gryke Caje administrative units.

Nevertheless, snowfall is also reported in South-eastern Albania, such as in Pogradec and Korca, but no difficulties in the movement of vehicles seem to have taken place there.