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Balakishan Chaubey, who was accused of murder, was absconding.
A murder suspect on the run from the law has been caught, after a female police officer offered to marry the wanted criminal. Police were waiting when the man arrived at what he thought would be his wedding ceremony.

Police in Chhatarpur, northeast India, had been hunting a man wanted for murder and other crimes. While authorities found themselves unable to track him down, a source informed them that the suspect had been looking for a bride - a piece of intelligence that was used to hatch an ingenious scheme.

A female officer, identified in local media as Sub-Inspector Madhavi Agnihotri, reportedly forwarded an old photo of herself to the alleged killer. After several telephone conversations, she was able to convince the man that she was seeking a husband, and proposed that the pair marry.

Unbeknownst to the suspect, police were waiting at the temple where the wedding ceremony was to take place.

A purported photograph of the arrest shows Agnihotri - who chose to wear her police uniform instead of a wedding dress - standing beside the visibly unhappy groom-to-never-be.

The suspect was swiftly brought before a local court and sent to jail.