Snowfall in Norway
More snow on the way, and temperatures down to minus 29 degrees.


56 cm (almost 2 ft) of snow in Tromsø on Sunday morning.

Only once in the last 97 years has there been more snow on November 3 in Tromsø, says state meteorologist Sjur Wergeland.

The snow amounts are historical for November. In 2006, 67 cm of snow was measured on November 3.

The next top listing was in 1922. At that time 59 cm were measured on November 3.

The snow showers have barely taken a break since Friday. And yes, it is early in the year for such snowfall.
Snow showers in Norway
Sunday 3 Nov 2019: It is colder than normal across the country, with temperatures down to minus 29, says the meteorologist. And soon more snow is coming to the whole country.

Snow in Norway
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