The National Weather Service confirmed Saturday night an EF-1 tornado hit near Shelton on Friday night with winds between 90 and 100 miles per hour.

The twister started on land near Shelton traveling more than a half mile before moving over Pickering Passage and becoming a waterspout.

It dissipated shortly after moving over the water.

The Weather Service completed a survey of the area on Saturday before release its findings.

The tornado cut a path about 90 yards wide and was on the ground for approximately five minutes.

No one was injured but the twister uprooted trees and falling trees damaged at least two homes.

The tornado crossed into Pickering Pass around 5:50 p.m. Saturday, as seen in video shot by Tayler Geiger.

"We were just having a really relaxing night, my mother-in-law happened to look out the window and things were kind of flying up in the air and just went on from there," Geiger told KOMO News. "I've seen video of tornadoes and waterspouts or stuff and it's so much different seeing it in person, it's crazy."

Geiger's video does show debris in the sky and there are reports of tree and power line damage near the water.

"We've never seen anything like this," Geiger said. "I mean, we've certainly, it's not something you hear about tornadoes or waterspouts in Washington often."

Meanwhile, it appears the twister did some damage on land. Jamie Workman went back to their construction site Saturday morning to find apparent tornado damage. He says a metal shop door was blown off and roof collapsed. Trees were found snapped in half and a portable toilet was tipped over and about 150 yards away from where they left it the night before.

It would be the second confirmed tornado in the South Sound this year. A weak tornado touched down near Tenino on Oct. 4.