Flooding has affected 3 regions of Tanzania after days of heavy rain, leaving homes damaged or destroyed, roads blocked and bridges submerged.

Heavy rainfall and flooding in the Morogoro region from 12 October, 2019, has left at least 11 people dead.

Local media, quoting police sources, said that the victims include 5 pupils from Nyashiro primary school who were swept away by flood water from Mvuha river in Kibogwa ward. Six other victims were killed by flash floods in different parts of the region.

On 13 October heavy rain damaged roads and submerged bridges in parts of Pwani and Tanga regions.

Heavy rain from around 10 October caused flooding in Korogwe District in Tanga Region, where 300 families have been displaced and as many as 12 people have reportedly died.

Earlier this year, 7 people died after flooding in Mbeya Region. Two deaths were also reported after flash floods in Dar es Salaam.